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Lead Generation Process

Unique Processes, Proven Methodologies

Our 5 Step process ensure that your website gets the most out of our services


We research our client's business in depth, we also research the competition in considerable depth as to understand the current dynamics of the market. This allows us to gauge what is needed to change the status quo.

Planning and Targets

In this step we assess the need of clients, we take a look at their strengths and weakness. This allows us to set a measurable and practical goals, here responsibilities and duties are alloted to our team. The target demographic is identified and we set ourselves among on multiple platforms such as social media, blog sites etc.

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Creativity and Imagination

Here we come up with a content strategy, we make sure all the different types of contents are included in this strategy. Blog posts, creatives, making personas and out of the box ideas for attracting customers. With this complete, we laid the foundation for the lead generation process.

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Engineer and Expand Reach



In this step, we create blogs, podcasts, Ebooks, creative posts etc which are tailor made to get a response the target audience members. These content are created after careful consideration into the expectations of our target audience. We make sure that the contents are regularly posted as keep the consistency of visibility going on.

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Expanding Reach

To make sure the contents get maximum reach, we first create a calendar to track and monitor the response to our contents. We also use the most relevant SEO for maximum reach. We also promote the contents on various social media sites for increased visibility. We also use the best way to get quality leads which is email marketing, something we have experience and expertise in.

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Analyze and Optimize Leads


Analyze Leads

In this step we recognize leads, they are categorized according to the lead’s proximity to our core target demographic. All the leads are now given access to premium contents and contact forms with eye cathy CTA’s (call to action).

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Optimize Leads

All the leads and all their actions with our contents are analyzed in details. This gives insights into the contents and how they are responding to each and every one of our contents. This gives us a narrow list of their preference and wishes. This gives us the chance to adjust and tweak our content for future postings too.

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Quality Leads

In this steps we use state of the art tools to monitor and influence the progress of leads through the sales funnel by presenting them with relevant content based on buyer persona and content mapping. Content can be sent via personalized drip email campaigns or by direct integration using personalized content, for example website messaging that is tailored for lead segments or buyer personas. Apply lead scoring rules as leads consume your lead nurturing content and move them to different lifecycle stages and segments using marketing automation workflows.

Quantified Leads

In this stage, we transfer the leads to your sales team where they began the process of converting them. We arrive this step after months of planning and preparation, targeted posts, content, email marketing and more.

Why Our Methods Work?


Better Business and Better Customer Service

While you come up with ways to improve you improve your business, we concentrate on your customers. We make sure that your customer become your loyal base.

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Targeted Profits

A business can see increase in sales and profits. Our efficient lead generation and better quantification means that we target specific demographics while ignoring some as we get better hit rate when it comes to sales.

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Save Time and Money

Save on employee hiring and training costs by choosing us. Better than hiring full-time lead generation specialists, we on the other hand come with dedicated team of specialists with years of experience and expertise.

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Small Investment and Big Returns

You don't need to spend big money for equipping for your in-house team with specialized technology for lead generation. For lesser cost hire us as your lead generation specialists, we have state of the art, top of the line technology for lead generation. And nothing can beat our experience and expertise.

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Targeting at Reduced Cost

With our lead generation service you only need to pay for only what you need or whom you want to attract. Instead of investing in lead generation technology and in-house lead generation staff, by hiring us you get access to our team of specialist B2B lead generation experts on an as-needed basis.With our service the costs associated with a new client acquisition also get drastically reduced. With our service you can stop casting a wide net and wasting time with unqualified and useless business leads. Our combination of expertise and experience make sure that leads are generating according to your demands.

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According to your need, our team can be scaled up or down in real time. This give you the ability control your investment and time according the business demands. This allows your company to juggle between important modules within your business.

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