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Vision, Mission and Philosophy

The first step for our designers would do is to know more about the client and the business. The brand identity has to answer questions like

  • What is the company’s vision?
  • Who are the company’s primary customers?
  • Who are the company’s main competitors?
  • What are the values that the company run on?
  • What does the company want to communicate through the logo?

We also welcome ideas and concepts from clients about their expectations or demands for the output. Our professional designers also conceptualize logo, colour schemes, taglines and the border message in all commercial communications. Every piece of our creatives needs to convey your vision, mission, and the company’s philosophy. The brand identity is independent of the marketing activities of the company, the end result of this process needs to be evoking an emotional response rather than a business decision. Our internet marketing company based out of India have helped business from overseas to create a memorable brand identity

E Pluribus Unum

Out of many, one. This is how we approach this step, we make sure that your company doesn’t get lost in the sea of similarity. Your identity needs to stand out all while standing among the competition. This is a fine line we walked before, it is not about being the loudest or the most unique. Overcoming the cliches of the industry is where we make a difference with your brand. The market always responds positively to freshest iterations of the existing traditions. Our logo design service company makes sure that your brand stands out among the noises.

On The Drawing Board

We combine all our interpretations of all the data we have collected to start this process. The initial sketches are either hand drawn or digitally created depending upon the choice of the designer. The initial designs are given thoughts as for how it relates to your business, mission, vision etc.

After the initial discussions, interpretation debates, reviews and internal revisions, our designers convert our initial step into a design on a screen. Everything from the logo, icon, font style, overall theme and choice of colours are discussed at a great length.

Seal Of Approval

After going back and forth with respect to ideas, interpretations and iterations. We finally present our effort to our clients. Sometimes more than one iteration is sent for approval. The critical response of our client is of utmost importance, as it is the only feedback which truly matters. It is our client’s turn to let us know of our creative endeavour. The suggestions and inputs are of importance as this shows that client too gets the larger picture.

Adapt And Improvise

We incorporate the suggestions and inputs from the client on our previous attempt. There is again a discussion on how well we have incorporated the ideas and suggestions of our clients. There is again of multiple iterations of creatives at this stage again. In this stage we have understood the expectations of our clients, the right combinations of colours, themes, fonts, icons and logos all need to come together for the perfect brand.

Why Brand Identity matters?

The brand identity is the visual representation of your company in almost every form of communication. The logo becomes the face of the company, the icon can create a lasting impression with the market and the font can really give a company a unique stand among the competition. As mentioned before brand identity is about connecting with a customer rather than marketing communication.

Influences Decisions

Brand Identity is about making connections with customers on an emotional level. Logos, icons, fonts etc are tools of the initial experience. A memorable brand identifiers can influence buyers to take the brand seriously.

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Creates an Emotional Connection

The logos, icons, fonts connect with customers at a deeper level. This means that brand collaterals are an important part of the brand image.

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Increases Your Product Value

A memorable and a creative logo design can influence the product’s price. A brand’s striking logo design can evoke a good emotion in consumers. This is something our logo design service company has done consistently for many of our customers.

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Branding helps consumers develop a specific response to a particular brand. A visually appealing brand can increase the memorability of your services, products and build a loyal consumer base. If the consumers are satisfied and happy after conducting business with you, a strong brand identity makes it easy for them to make repeat purchases without much reconsideration or looking into the competition. All this translate into a wider and loyal customer base increased sales and revenue growth. Our digital marketing agency has many businesses across many verticals to get loyal customers.

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Product Launches

A brand with a good visibility usually have no problems to accumulate attention whey they launch a new product or service. This visibility comes from the ability to stand out from the competition. Our logo design company makes sure that your business gets the maximum spotlight during a product launch.

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Consistency through uniqueness

A brand remains in the memory of a customer when they often see the brand collaterals on multiple platforms. The brand identity has to be memorable enough to permanently lodge in the customer’s mind and at the same time be flexible enough evolve through the ever-moving times.

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