Why domain name is relevant in SEO?

Having a reliable and catchy domain name is considered an essential component of successful SEO. Businesses having an exact domain name was regarded as the best and credible by Google. The role of an SEO marketing agency in finding the best domain name is indispensable. It is because most of the domain names contain keywords. For example, if you want to buy a house, you will end up on a website with a domain similar to www. Buyahouse.com or www.realestate.com. Some might use sub-domain names in order to stuff relevant keywords. 

SEO marketing agency no more stuff keywords using domains or sub-domains to get instant SEO results like back in the days.

New parameters by Google changed everything

The search giant, Google have set certain parameters ranking websites on SERP results. Google no more give prime importance to a great domain name for the purpose of SEO ranking. Instead of concentrating on a domain name, it has started to take into account other factors such as meta tags and image tags. If you want to buy a home, the keywords are not included in the domain instead it appears within the schema markup. An authoritative site needs more than a great domain name.

Does that mean you can pick any domain name? 

No! Having the right domain name is very important like never before. The difference is the focus is not only given to the domain name. The chosen domain name must not be too complicated. It must convey the branding of your business. Top domain is another characteristic of the URL of your website. The top domain must be selected based on your endeavour. If you are dealing with a business, the website top domain must be the .com domain. 

Likewise, readability also matters. With the help of an SEO marketing agency, you can have a professional domain name. Your website address affect users’ perception as it can make or break your branding image.

An exception for the keyword in the domain name

If your business is focused locally, keywords in the domain names can be a great help running PPC ads. This is because the people will be directed to your website by clicking on PPC. By hiring an SEO marketing agency, you can create ROI driving PPC to get more traffic and leads. 

Changing a domain name depends on several factors. If you get enough traffic and have established as a brand, you need not change your domain name. More than having a good domain name, you can seek help from an SEO marketing agency to create quality content on your website that in turn provide a great SEO ranking. 

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