Why do so many companies use a LinkedIn page for their business?

LinkedIn is a known professional website used by millions of professionals as well as companies of all sizes. The alluring advantages of having a LinkedIn page for your business are vast. Establishing a strong presence on LinkedIn In is the best decision you can make. 

By doing so, you can communicate, learn and converse with a global professional community of professionals and corporations. It is highly recommended to have a Linkedin profile no matter what kind of business you are engaged in. An adept SEO agency can be of great help. It is vital for your company’s growth and development. 

Social media marketing with the expertise of an SEO agency has great potential for your success. LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform. It has a favourable count of professionals and companies as users. 

How to create one?

Creating a LinkedIn profile is free and pretty easy. By following the steps, you can come up with a company page.  But a mere company page does not guarantee the best results. To squeeze out full potential, hire an SEO agency. It offers a checklist of options to craft a great company page.

So, a company page is necessary but how can you make it interesting and updated?

The best-known practices for a great LinkedIn profile
  • Update content related to your business and niche

Update your LinkedIn profile on a continuous basis with thematic content that revolves around your products, services, business values and industry. Keep in mind that the content must be useful and relevant.

  • Engage the community with multimedia content

 An SEO agency understands the power of multimedia content and they create effective ones to grow your reach and engagement.  They use high definition and context-relevant images.

  • Include catchy, informative headlines

Headlines determine the future of content, whether it adds value or ends up in the trash.  

  • Write about a trending topic
  • Bring attention to a powerful benefit
  • Use maxim or anecdote
  • Reach out to networks by tagging

Tags are an easy way to reach out to more people. In every content, you post and tag important people from your industry and to increase visibility. It earns more likes, comments and shares.

  • Get more viewership

Like Instagram, you can use hashtags for people who have your own interests. An SEO agency can help you come up with the appropriate hashtags, at least five per post. Another thing that matters is the time of your posting. There is much analytics available on the active time of your targeted audience on Linkedin. 

In short, to be a successful entrepreneur you need to have a thriving online presence on LinkedIn. It is a platform meant for businesses like yours and to get the full advantage make sure you have the best SEO agency in India

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