Top ten content creation mistakes that impact ROI of business?

It is quite evident that the web is oversaturated with content about everything on earth. To be ahead of the competition while serving value for readers is not easy. But, hiring the best SEO company can be a real helping hand in content creation. Most importantly the content you create can either break or make your business. How? It can directly impact your ROI.

The content created must bring value, otherwise, all writing efforts are in vain. Content marketers and content strategists are struggling in between constant changes in customers’ demands and the market’s perspectives. Amidst the changes, not making common content creation mistakes will be good for any business. 

Widespread content creation mistakes
  • A lack of understanding about your target audience

Content without an audience in mind would not help you reach out to prospects and earn more business. You need to know your target’s thought process and problems faced by them in order to provide value.

You can tackle this problem by identifying your target audience. The best SEO company can always help by providing knowledgeable content creators. 

  • The search intent needs to be noted

The query’s intent has to be identified by the content creator unless the content will not be worthy. He must always ask “why” prospects search this and then he can deliver more value through content. 

  • Lack of content planning for near future

Advanced content planning considering the buyer’s journey as well as keyword targeting is essential for driving value and increasing ROI. To avoid this mistake, the best SEO company will have a detailed content calendar mentioning not only content creation but content promotion.


  • Lack of consistency in content publishing

The timeline you create for publishing content must be followed what come may. If your business does not stick to a timeline, it can adversely affect your ROI. You can hire the best SEO company and have a plan to publicize your blogs and articles at regular intervals.

  • Disregarding the role of the sales team

Fundamentally, your business sale team know customers’ demands, wants like any other. So, it is important to merge them in your content marketing to get desirable results. A monthly meeting incorporating content strategists and the sales teams can provide better insights. 

  • A brand voice is a must-have 

Brand voice differentiates you from the rest of the competitors. Prospects are also good at identifying a company’s voice and start to entrust one for its branding. So, the best SEO agency you pick must deliver content resonating with your brand voice and tone. The thing you can make clear to content creators; send them your branding guidelines and tame content as per it. 

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