The types of video content that attracts more traffic to your social media

Video content has been one of the most sought-after advents of the internet. All social networking sites are experiencing a great surge in video content. The Covid -19 global pandemic accelerated the love for video content among social media. Now, it is one of the prominent social media marketing services

Social media platforms and their content type

Inspiring content is what people expect from your side. You can use the exponential power of social media for branding and growing your business. To do it, video can be a great help. In 2021, social media marketing services have seen a great rise in video content. There might be two major reasons:

  • As usual, people love visual treats and are often inclined to “ watch” rather than “read”
  • Global pandemic changed everyone’s life opening up  ample free time

The online analytics and other survey indicate the time spent on social media will continue to increment approximately 100 minutes per day. Content strategy for creating video content can be challenging and overlapping owing to diverse platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Each social media platform is unique and needs unique content strategies that appeal to its audiences. 

Therefore, the first step is to discover your targeted audience with the help of prominent social media marketing services.

But the following video content types fit for almost any social media platform and incorporating them will give you more likes, shares and conversions. Unique and fresh video content is adored by people and creating them is a skill of an effective social media marketing service provider.

  • Original  visual content

The visual content you create must convey the relevant message to the targeted audience. Image rich video content can do that. Imageries can tell your business story and increase brand awareness like anything else. As the old adage says a picture is more powerful than words. Have no idea where to begin? Consult social media marketing services, they can examine your competitor and help you in the best way. 

  • Video content for promotions

Like imageries, video content in the form of GIF can attract more eyeballs. Doomscrolling and newsfeed are opportunities for your business to catch new audiences also catering to the needs of your existing customers. It is all about connecting your business and to the person. Intimacy and personal connection is the key here.

  • The infographic content

Infographics are the best when it comes to conveying an elaborate idea such as “ how to increase your web traffic”. With a little creative mind and designer, you can come up with captivating infographics that promise great shelf life for your content. 

Social media marketing services in India can help many businesses to establish their online identity. Creating catchy video content for social media profile increase engagement.

Reach 360 is one of the renowned social media marketing services in India and we can engage and inspire your audience with respect to your business

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