Search intent matters, why say so?

Search engines like Google are used by almost all people to get to know more about anything under the sun. They tend to use it for everything in their daily lives. When it comes to shopping or purchasing a product, they search its authenticity and merits first online. So, tailoring your online storefront according to the searcher’s query is vital. By hiring a search engine optimization company, you too can increase your sales. 

You have created a website and SEO tactics to get more leads and conversions. What if there is no progress in terms of traffic and conversion. It might be an indicator that your SEO efforts need to focus more on the searcher’s point of view. With the help of a Search engine optimization company, you can create content that aligns with your target audience. 

Searcher’s intent matters

Content is an unsaturated abstract element in this online world of websites. So, to get more visitors and quality leads you to need to hire an adept search engine optimization company. They can help you create content that is contextually specific, relevant to the intent of your target. So, you can easily rank your content in terms of SERP position. 

Different search intent needs different content

A top search engine optimization company understands depending on the buyer’s journey the search intent of the same targeted audience varies. So, the content you palace on your website must consider the sale funnel of the visitor. Otherwise, the content will have no use in terms of ROI.

Four types of search intent are as follows:

  • Commercial intent
  • Transactional intent
  • Navigational intent
  • Informational intent

Understanding each intent is essential to get them converted each time a visitor comes to your website. A search engine optimization company can help you out. With their long years of experience, they can create content and bespoke call to action in order to convert the visitor persuading to a sale. 

Two ways to acquire conversion are:

  • Creating a customised, relevant call to action on any web page
  • Clickable links
  • Informational intent

The search engine gets numerous queries to get more information about something. These queries are merely informational. Here, the visitor wants to get as much information about your business and what it offers. So, the content you need to provide is who are you and what you provide with. 

  • Navigational intent

Navigational intent is another way to get specific information about something. Here, the visitor types keywords that are specific to an important aspect of your website. For example, they might be interested in your latest blog update. 

  • Transactional intent

Every business wants to get transactional intent as much as possible. Here the visitor is specifically interested in purchasing a product or service. Providing an online check out process is vital for these searchers.

  • Commercial intent

Here, the searcher is typing keywords to get into a pool of brands to make a purchase. They have no specific brand in mind to make a transaction. 

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