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Prepare your E-Commerce Business for the festival season with Tips from Top social media marketing agencies.

The best time for any e-commerce business that wants to increase its sales, productivity rate, brand value, and customer engagement is during the festive season. It is the time when customers look for various enterprises to purchase products and/or services. The festive season is a bit tricky for any business as it can create huge profits or losses in revenue. It entirely depends on what marketing strategy you apply to attract a large target audience. Most eCommerce businesses, especially new and small-scale enterprises, fail to take advantage of the festive season and target large audiences to promote their businesses. 


The main reason is a lack of expertise in who can give the best tips, which help them prepare their business in the best way possible. Such eCommerce businesses prefer to partner with top social media marketing companies, as their vast experience and knowledge in this industry give them the best suggestions or tips that make their business successful. This is a time-consuming process as they need to partner with the right marketing agency, which can be difficult if the festive season is nearby. The alternate way to prepare their business is to make use of content marketing platforms like blog posts that help in resolving issues. If you are the one looking for the right platform, then you are in the right place.


Seven important tips in detail:



  • Ensure you have enough inventory:



eCommerce businesses need to check whether they have enough stock before they announce the festive season to their customers. There are high chances of receiving more orders than on normal days. If you go out of stock, then you cannot fulfil customer orders. It affects sales numbers and also the chances of losing customers. That is why you need to focus on stocking inventory way ahead of the festive season.



  • Plan in advance:



Planning is key if you want to be ready to boost your sales during the festive season. To come up with a strong marketing strategy, consider the factors listed below:

  1.  What is the significance of the festival, and is it celebrated widely?
  2. Select the correct dates and ensure the dates do not match your competitors’. 
  3. Plan a good strategy that assures zero delays in shipping and delivery of customer orders.

 Planning is not enough; you also have to execute the plan effectively. 


  1. 3. Choosing the right  festive hashtag:


It is a useful tip, as choosing the right festive hashtag and using it smartly ensures your business will reach a larger audience. While creating posts on social media platforms, there are plenty of hashtags with similar names to a festival. You need to be careful when choosing the right one. For example, if you want to promote your business on Instagram, then look at the hashtag count mentioned, as it helps to reach millions when people search using that hashtag. Tools like Hashtagify, Road Map, etc. make your work easier. It is advisable to take help from social media marketing companies, as their expertise becomes handy in this situation.



  • Come up with great discount offers:



The best way for an eCommerce business to be prepared is to come up with great discount offers that grab the attention of the customers. The offers should be smart and irresistible, which ensures you are ahead of your competition. Include free shipping and a one-day delivery option during the festive season, which is a great offer for customers to shop on your eCommerce site or application.



  • Website optimization:



It is necessary to optimize the company’s website before the festive season. Make it festive-friendly. Ensure there is no technical glitch during the season while customers use the website. Add pop-ups that display festive offers on the landing page of your website. Ensure your customers have a smooth experience as it determines whether they proceed to the next page or not.



  • Promote your brand on Instagram:



The best way to prepare your business for the busy festive season is to promote your brand on Instagram. The right way to promote on Instagram is to collaborate with top influencers, YouTubers, content creators, etc. who have a huge fan following. They help you target more audiences and increase the sales of your business. Collaborating with the right influencer is not easy or cheap. Top social media marketing companies make it easy and cost-effective for you, as they select the best influencers according to the business’s requirements, as they do regularly.



  • Improve the quality of customer support facility:



During the festive season, there are many instances when customers face difficulties placing an order, replacing a product, dealing with payment issues, etc. To avoid these situations and keep customers satisfied, improve the quality of customer support by hiring more agents during the festive season. The planning should be top-notch so that customers have a good experience. If not, you lose potential customers, and they are key to your business.


To Sum up:


The best way for an eCommerce business to be fully prepared before the festive season is to find the top social media marketing companies or agencies a few weeks before. It gives you ample time to plan the best online marketing strategy, which makes your business successful. Even when you are discussing with the agency members, make sure you follow these tips, which help in better preparation. Be prepared and make the most of the festive season to take your eCommerce business to the next level.


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