Pitfalls to scaling content and how to avoid them

Most of the businesses begin to view the value of content marketing, the pressure is on to scale up production and keep up with your competition. Our clients now asked to produce daily blog posts and weekly videos. Any time you have this type of quick development, you are assured to have growing pains. 

In general, we see the following three common themes:

  • Businesses lack the internal resources to yield large-scale quality content. 
  • Sectors are expected to uphold the same KPIs despite their change in size.
  • Managers struggle to preserve a steady flow of on-topic, on-brand content

Accordingly, content strategies grow out of control. Weary content managers come to us with pages full of low-quality content, and they wonder why they’re not seeing the same ROIs as before. 

Here are the top issues clients bring to you when failing to scale their enterprise content and how we suggest solving them.

#1 Increased Content Production Results in Diminishing Returns

The major pitfall we see when customers scale content isn’t quantity over quality production, but quantity over quality promotion. As a replacement for promoting an article for a whole week or month, because they’re only publishing one article per week or month, customers will promote an article for only one day because they’re issuing daily. The first step towards making sure your improved content production sustains its ROI is to generate a life cycle for every new piece of content you create. When you blot out time in the marketing calendar for content creation, make time for content curation as well. Depending on your metrics, set goals to make a definite number of shares, links, and comments on your content before you’re ready to re-utilize it. Then, channel the content into other media to continue building the ROI. 

#2 Errors and Typos Start Slipping Through the QA Cracks

A decrease in quality content is a fear for any initiative business looking to scale up, but firms are generally worried about the depth of the subjects versus the little errors that slip through. Inappropriately, those little errors can hurt you more than an unconcerned article. Errors start appearing when businesses build their content teams from the bottom up. They might hire an extra author or take on some workers, but forget to add an extra editor to handle the increase in content.

Depending on your properties, you can keep your editorial teams sharp with a few of the following solutions:

Maintain a balanced writer-to-editor ratio: Companies with perfect teams of writers should know the workload that their editors can handle.

Cross-train writers to edit their peers’ work: When hiring isn’t a choice, verify your writers have time in their days to edit each other’s work.

Put a bounty on errors for the staff: Get the rest of the officers involved in reading your site’s content by offering an extra or prize to any typos and errors found on your website or blog. 

#3 Your Content Team Is Experiencing Brainstorm Burnout

 Coming up with a few concepts a month is easy, but coming up with a few concepts each day quickly becomes stressful. We’ve covered ideation challenges before, but your core team can dive into a few of the following commonly overlooked sources:

On-Site Search: Take the benefit of what people are penetrating for on your site. What search queries caused people to recoil? You might have a hole in your content.

Paid Search Terms That Rank Poorly: If there are some keywords or ad groups that do well in your paid search strategy but have poor SEO, build some content to boost conversion.

The key to evading brainstorm burnout is to change the ideation strategy often. Use on-site search one month and then switch to Yelp reviews during the next. If every month is dissimilar, the excitement level to create ideas will stay the same — or at least not plummet

#4 Rapid Growth Makes Branding a Challenge

Branding begins with the writer’s level and works up. Each new writer should have an intro session to study the company, content goals, and tone. No one should generate content for your company without reading a style guide first. Some people are visual students while others learn verbally.

As the writer tries to imitate the brand, the editors need to impose it. Editors should instantly notice when the brand voice isn’t used and show writers how to efficiently hit the right tone, jargon, and demonstration.

Many initiative companies have a lead editor who sees every piece of content before it goes live. This last touch isn’t intended for major edits, but rather to ensure the content makes sense for the brand. Learning to speak with a brand voice takes time, so newer writers might need more direction than company experts.

#5 Increases in Traffic Result in Lower Conversion Rates

Many companies see a drop-in conversion rate as they take more traffic to their websites. If you’re looking to raise only the quantity of the content that you’re producing, then you’re absolutely going to experience this scenario. Nevertheless, a smart business will begin the process of scaling out with conversion in mind, a place where viewers segmentation helps.

Develop audience personas for your business: Start by recognizing three to five different types of clients that engage with your content. You might sort them by demographic, but also by their buying type and meeting methods.

Assign your future content topics to each of these personas: Now that you understand who your top clients are, you can start to generate content around them. Any content you generate moving forward should be targeted to a precise persona with a conversion goal in mind.

Build different email lists, marketing strategies, and sales funnels around these segments: Now that your content lines up with your personas, you can part your viewers within your marketing channels to bring them to the right place in the funnel. 


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