New Facebook rules for 2021

Facebook is a leading social networking platform used by millions of people all over the world. The majority of the brands use it for building their brand awareness and business. An adept social media advertising agency utilizes the power of social media for growing businesses. Facebook has got a prominent place in the list. 

The social media giant, Facebook has announced new changes. Like others,  social media advertising agencies too can benefit from it and make marketing strategies to win the heart of the target audience. 

The brand new changes/updates in Facebook

The following are the new changes embraced by Facebook. All marketers, influencers, users might feel it is uneasy.  A keen pursual will be a great help. 

  • Redesign of Facebook

The Facebook new design amassed mixed responses from people. Some welcomed the redesign and others are frowning upon it. It does not matter, how you feel about it. The new design shift changes the way Facebook uses content created by billions, including social media advertising agency. Its new design gives importance to Groups and Events and marketers have to tweak their content strategy accordingly. 

  • Facebook “COLLAB”

Tiktok is a famous app once used by millions and now Facebook is also planning to come up with one. It is currently in beta, its name is COLLAB.  This new app will be focusing on collaboration music production and may use the content generation technique by Tiktok. 

  • No penalty for more text in Facebook ads

Social media advertising agencies used to be keen on word count for Facebook ads. This is because Facebook has removed the penalizing for ads with more image content. Formerly, it had a text overlay tool to assure the image text is limited to 20%. 

  • Facebook embraces hashtags

The social media advertising agency is adept at handling hashtags in its social media content marketing efforts. Now, Facebook is also embracing the usage of hashtags. But the thing is you have to use it in the right way since it is in the infantry stage. The social networking platform implementing hashtags and as part of it displays a recommended tag listing within the post. Therefore, you can diverge your conversations to a broader community. 

  • Imagery ownership on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook’s all platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger are safe to follow. In 2020, the platform made it crystal clear that certain partners can take ownership of images. This affects all reposted content on Facebook and Instagram in a multitude of ways. Now, the image owner gets the following responses from when it identifies an unauthorized usage:

  • Issue a takedown
  • Image stay up
  • Make use of territorial block
  • Facebook business suite

Business suite is another platform created by Facebook for sharing content and this is especially dedicated to all types of businesses.

  • Saves time
  • Stay updated
  • Business insights

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