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Know how Social Media Marketing Agency celebrate festival on Social Media

India is a nation of various cultures, languages, religions, and holidays, and we Indians celebrate all of them with equal zeal, whether it’s Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid, or Raksha Bandhan. With a lot of excitement around the country, this might be your time to increase brand memory among the public by using unique branding, ad campaigns, and marketing methods.


The finest social media agency in India believes that the holiday season is an excellent time for businesses to make an impression on their consumers’ thoughts. With a myriad of holidays on the horizon, the leading social media marketing organizations give a clear guide to cracking the marketing strategy throughout the Indian Festive Season:

  • Holidays are all about Family: 


In India, festivals are more about the feeling and tie we have with our families than they are about celebration. As a result, as a brand, you must communicate to them how your products/services bring their family closer together and strengthen their relationship.

  • Ecommerce, Is the next revolution:


People used to travel to marketplaces for festival buying before E-Commerce became the new marketplace. The way we purchase has evolved in the contemporary period, especially during times of crisis. The majority of customers prefer shopping online since it saves time, gives more choice, needs less work, and is safe.


According to a survey conducted by a social media marketing agency, E-Commerce websites had a 5X increase over the festive season as compared to ordinary days.


To stay on top of the market, you must be digitally accessible for your consumers to contact and connect with you.


  • Nobody Hates a Good Deal: 


The majority of people look forward to festive season shopping since Indian holidays provide a plethora of bargains, discounts, coupons, and incentives. Every brand is competing for attention with their own marketing and sales plan. So, there is no better moment to offer out a wonderful bargain to your audience, because according to statistics, sales may increase by up to 60% on a festival day, making it a terrific chance for your company.


Giving a great lot will not benefit you if people are unaware of it. When you launch a new holiday promotion, use all available marketing channels (social media, website, and public relations) to spread the news. This is the moment where social media marketing agencies pull out every weapon and put it to use.


Find them on Social Media: 


The modern-day meeting place is social media. People spend a lot of time on social media, so devote some additional effort to your social media marketing strategy and consider including your TG in the creation of User-Generated content. This might be images and videos of your consumers using your items, discussing them, or providing feedback on your brand. Word of mouth is the most effective marketing, and nowadays, social media is a hugely powerful platform with hundreds of active users who love to share their opinions and evaluations.

So, to ensure that you reach the widest possible audience throughout the festival season, prioritize your social media strategy.


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