Is it worth using outbound links for SEO purposes by an SEO Service company?

Search engines generally return a great number of pages in response to a user’s query. The ranking methods in search engines commenced when they wanted to help users navigate the results. The role of an SEO service company in elevating your website ranking is great in potential. SEO practitioners use several tactics and methodologies for increasing website traffic and SERP ranking. One of the ways to acquire more authority and credibility as a business is using outbound linking. SEO Service company uses this because the ranking algorithm is proposed either as content-oriented or link-based.

Webpages are the collection of data readily available on the internet. The search engine giant, Google leaves its opinion about the outbound linking SEO practice. SEO service company believes that meticulous linking to authoritative websites increases the chances of SERP ranking and thus online visibility. The SEO tactic is widespread and has been used to date. 

A little history about linking

Brett Tabke, the practitioner of modern SEO invented the idea but that has nothing to do with Google ranking in reality. The idea behind the outbound linking was the HITS algorithm which was never used by Google. Brett Tabke laid the foundation for the SEO practices by elucidating the article series in 2002. 

Why is the tactic so popular?

Since 2002, linking authoritative sites has become a norm and accepted by the SEO community. Illegitimate linking to sites is no longer considered a useful SEO tactic. 

Does it imply outbound linking by an SEO service company is dead? 

No! Actually link building is useful when considering the content and context.

If you want to provide a better user experience for your visitors, you can still use outbound linking. Considering the content reference on other web pages, links are the best to include for a better user experience. 

An outbound link or external link instils trust for your voice and content. People will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say in this way. It is a way of inviting others attention without calling out. Besides, it also shows that you have executed thorough research on the subject. 

Adding an outbound link provides:

  • A way of illustrating a point from another angle
  • Asserts your point of view
  • Provides more insights

In short, your website has a great piece of content and linking to another webpage that has additional information makes sense. It even adds value for the visitor and eventually helps you build lasting relationships. For Google, it is more or less the same. That is, outbound linking to another website does not change anything. There is no evidence that such an SEO tactic can elevate website ranking. 

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