How to Use Social Media to Connect During Times of Social Distancing

To maintain social distancing due to Coronavirus, the governments are implementing strict policies to control the spread of this pandemic. But sitting at home in isolation is not so easy as you think, specifically if you’re so used to meet everybody at work and hanging out with friends.

The current situations caused by the Coronavirus can be mentally traumatic and challenging and may cause anxiety for many. But you are lucky to be a part of a generation where technology has improved so much, giving us abundant online media for social interactions.

Social media, in itself, is huge sanctification for all of us to stay related virtually.

Now, to keep you healthy from the predictable drawbacks of social isolation, here are a few ways in which you can stay safe at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Yet, you’ll still be able to connect to your social circle through social media opportunities and a handful of other options.

How to Use Social Media to Help With Social Distancing

In this Coronavirus days, the internet is really a blessing, where you are working from home and are not permitted to leave your house for unwanted purposes.

For your mental health and well-being, you must not let the concern that is being produced by this physical distance overpower your mind. But how do you stay healthy during social distancing? Consider using the following platforms or tools to join with your family and friends.

1. Use Social Media or Zoom to Catch up With Friends & Family Members

Nowadays, all the social media websites and applications offer this feature where you can video chat with your friends and family. More than that, you can also have a group video chat with more than 2 people on most of the social media platforms out there.

So, on this quarantine days, you can stay connected with your friends and family, even if you are video calling them just to say hi.

It’s certainly going to be an instant mood-lifter in times of social isolation. It is specifically true for people who feed off of networking with people.

If you would check the most trending Instagram and Snapchat stories, people are sharing images of themselves video chatting on Zoom, Skype, Instagram, and even WhatsApp.

Zoom is one of the best apps that you can use for this purpose.

If you still can’t decide how to go about your day then try some of the tips below.

Here is what you can do, using either social media or apps like Zoom, to attach virtually with your loved ones.

  • Create a time for all of your friends and family to connect. For example, make a video call to your family at breakfast, while you both can have breakfast at the same time but in different places. This will help you feel connected and happy.
  • Want to celebrate good news, a promotion, a birthday, or even an achievement as small as nailing a recipe? Video call your friends while you are at it, tell them it’s a celebration party, and then party together effectively through these social media platforms.

2. Host or Join Live Watch Parties

Many events are called off due to the spread of coronavirus since large crowds are not allowed during this situation. Thus, people are missing out on a lot of events that they would have been attending otherwise, including concerts and seminars.

If you are somebody who was compering a concert, or a party, or even a useful seminar, then you can host ‘Watch Parties’, and let people join these watch parties virtually and have fun within their apartments.

Many schools and universities carry out online classes to ensure that the students do not miss out on their regular classes.

Such applications like Zoom can be productive sources to make students interact with one another on informative topics.

3. Host Virtual Events & Invite Your Friends

Due to the Coronavirus, the birthdays and weddings planned by a number of people are postponed. But that should not stop you from partying your happiness through virtual media, right?

You can plan virtual events, call several people to join you online, and just have a ball! You will surely understand how you would feel, once you conduct a virtual event for your friends and family.

And if not host, you can at least be a part of the fun and feel happy about not missing out on the little happy moments of your life.

4. Use FaceTime or Messenger to Connect With Friends & Family

Are you an Apple user? Then, it is the best time to connect with your family using FaceTime. And for Android users, you can use Facebook messenger that keeps you connected with your family and friends who are far away, quarantines in their own homes.

For some people, they might be enjoying the independence of sleep-eat-repeat, there comes a time where every person feels that this is psychologically killing to be living within the four walls and interacting with no one outside the house.

This is the reason why such apps help you network with your friends and family at any time of the day. And even when you all are stuck in your own homes, you can still feel associated practically through the internet.

5. Create a Netflix Party

Most of the people had a movie night with family and friends before being locked down in isolation due to the Coronavirus. Since you cannot do that any longer, this is somewhat that is missed by many these days.

But you can still do that virtually by generating a Netflix Party. You can create a Netflix party with your family and friends, and even when you are actually distant, you can virtually enjoy a movie night together.


Now it is up to you, how you can mold this change into a more positive one, and set an example for others who are feeling downhearted right now to make the most out of this opportunity of being physically isolated.

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