How to unlock the full potential of Instagram to grow your business PART -1

Like other social media platforms, Instagram is a thriving social media and has been attracting more and more people despite their backgrounds. Currently, there are 1,00, 000,000,  billion users initially, Instagram has been popular among young people. Now, the elderly and the young alike are active on Instagram doing content creation as well as content consumption. Many other social media platforms like Facebook experienced a decline rate in content creation but Instagram never failed to cater to the taste of a broad audience. So, there is a great chance to grow your business using Instagram. With the help from the best SEO agency, reaching out to the fanbase is a piece of cake. They guide you and help you gain more followers. 

The Instagram ecosystem

Building a community revolving around your business is not easy to accomplish as many similar businesses are also eyeing it. By hiring the expertise of the best SEO agency, bagging the outstanding features of the Instagram ecosystem is easy. 

The success of Instagram lies in its ability to provide persuasive and captivating content in a visual format. In order to get more business, you need to establish a community using Instagram’s different types of posts. You can do this using the best SEO agency. You need to provide value in the form of:

  • Information
  • Entertainment
  • Learning

To unlock the full potential of the Instagram platform, you need to be acquainted with the type of posts and content you need to come up with. Iis important to make the most out of them. If you are not familiar with it, you can always seek help from the best SEO agency.

  • Images – Initially, Instagram was all about posting images or photos. You can use them to showcase your brand creatives to build a community.
  • Carousels – Carousels are like slideshows that are available in images or videos. On the carousel can share up to 10 slides and a great way to engage your target.
  • Feed videos – They are the least popular and have a time limit of 60 seconds
  • IGTV – It lets you post videos that are 1 to fifteen minutes long and you can also add 50 seconds preview of IGTV.
  • Reels – Reels are 30-second limit videos and have a great organic reach like any other post on Instagram
  • IG stories – Small circle doting and disappear after 24 hours

Apart from these, there are many other posts used by the best SEO agency in Instagram marketing.

We have seen the ecosystem of Instagram and how different varieties of types can help your business attain reach and brand awareness. Next, we will explore how to leverage the maximum from these post types while benefiting from influencer marketing.

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