How Google change your title in SERP results and how to check them

Google, the search giant has changed the way it displays titles in SERP ranking. August last week, they have come up with a brand new system for changing titles in search results for the end-user.  Every search engine optimization company trying to understand how the change impacts their SEO efforts. 

Within the SEO community, it has been a question for some time. Formerly Google used search queries to form the title tags. Search results of the snippets are no longer used to generate titles for the web pages. Regardless of the user’s query, Google is trying to generate titles in a brand new way. With the help of a search engine optimization company, you can figure out the new updates about title changes. 

Why it matters

A meticulous understanding of the title changes made by Google helps you gain knowledge about what resonates with your target audience also the need to adjust your titles for the future. Your search engine optimization company can observe how the title changes by Google affect your SEO efforts. It is important to recall the Google is making the title changes as per the feedback it gets. One of the pieces of feedback Google received was the title does not make sense to a query. So, you can see how it changes your search engine optimization efforts such as clickthrough rates and backlinks. 

Search engine optimization companies welcome this new change in a positive light. As of now, the change has not adversely affected any giant or small businesses. It is constantly evolving and updating for the better. 

Search engine optimization company uses tools, you can get an overview of the changes to the title such as when the title is changed and what it was changed to. 

The four tools for identifying title changes
  • Ahrefs

Ahref is the best tool used for checking title changes. It is not an automated process and takes a bit of time but worth the effort. You can use site explorer to know recent changes. 

  • Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is an SEO monitoring tool that can be used to observe the website URLs as well as the historical data based on web search. You can view the fluctuations in ranking in graphs. 

  • Semrush 

Semrush is a powerful SEO tool and does not have a specific feature for finding title changes. But, you can use the position tracking feature in Semrush by clicking on the SERP icon. 

  • Sistrix

Sistrix is also another tool that helps in determining the changes in the title tags. Using the SERP snippets, you can find out the changes in the title tags.  

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