How can you retain customers through content marketing and content mapping?

No matter how small or big your business is finding the right prospects and reaching out to targeted customers through specific sale strategies are the ways to become successful. The expertise from an SEO service provider is essential to channel all your content marketing efforts in the right direction.

Attracting new customers and retaining existing loyal ones are the tough task every business owner encounters. To help with these, they employ digital marketing services from an adept SEO service provider. Content marketing plays a vital role in the retention of customers.

Content marketing funnel

With a clear cut marketing strategy, SEO service provider creates effective marketing campaigns. They use a content marketing funnel for this. It helps you to visualise a buyer’s journey. Besides, this marketing funnel differs from company to business goals as some of them have six to eight phases or stages.

The five stages of a marketing funnel are the following:

  • Awareness

Your prospects mind is wandering to find out solutions for their concerns or problems. So, creating awareness about what you have to offer in a well-versed manner is the first step. To do this, the SEO service provider analyses the buyer persona and educate them with long-form content, videos, webinars or seminars. Therefore, it creates trust and better understanding.

  • Consideration

This is the stage when your prospects seek specific yet accurate information about what you offer. Here, they are ready to consider your brand for making a decision. With the help of an SEO service provider, you can create product descriptions that are SEO optimized.

  • Purchase or Conversion

This stage is where you need to inform and convince the potential buyer about your product or service. It is the conversion stage, where you tell the prospective customer about how useful your product, what are the benefits and how it is better than competitors.

  • Loyalty

Informative content and the best customer experience are important to keep your loyal fanbase. You must consistently provide additional information, new products, discounts and added advantages to those who stand for you.

  • Advocacy

This is the stage where your loyal fans refer to your brand to loved ones and acquaintances. Besides, you can also ask for feedback and improve the rapport with customers.

How it helps

It is essential for the following reasons:

  • Different content is needed for different stages of the buyer’s journey
  • Informative and educational content is required for awareness and conversion.

To put it in simple words, effective content marketing is unavoidable for attracting and retaining loyal customers of your business. You need to direct each prospect from one stage to another by solving all their doubts, anticipations and problems. So, there will be more sales and profit.

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