How can an SEO management company use Instagram for inbound marketing?

Instagram is a powerful and one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Despite the age difference, people use it for entertainment and engagement. The SEO management company also understands the importance of Instagram for various purposes. 

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other social media platforms are known for their power to generate more sales, leads, conversions and finally expand a business. But when it comes to elevating a brand or expanding business, marketers overlook the power of Instagram. SEO management company sees the importance of Instagram for business purposes. To thrive in the online world, it is essential to use Instagram for inbound marketing. 

Sharing engaging content is pretty easy with Instagram since it gives great importance to images and videos. The tools are also fun to use and assure engagement when used in the right way. With the best tools, SEO management company use Instagram for inbound marketing. 

Using Instagram hashtags

Hashtags in Instagram has to be carefully picked and inserted to reach out to the audience. You can use the expertise of an SEO management company for that. Like Twitter, Instagram also showers great importance on hashtags. A hashtag can be elucidated as a short but relevant description of an image or video. It is essential if you need to reach out to a target audience. 

Hashtags are of many types:

General hashtags: The video or image under these general hashtags focuses on a wider scale and it may not have a specific audience to see. 

Specific hashtags: Specific hashtags are also used for promotion but as the name implies they are brand elevators. Most of these hashtags are bespoke and tailored to a specific audience in mind. 

Trending hashtags: Trending hashtags are especially handy for events and certain circumstances.

Creating interesting content

Content is king is not the new normal but an age-old maxim appealing for all social media platforms. Instagram also want engaging, relevant and interstitial content for different age groups. Reaching out to your target audience becomes a piece of cake with carefully formulated content. It is important to arouse their interest through your content. Likewise, the same pattern of content never wins the heart of your followers.

Acknowledge your followers

It is good to appreciate and show your followers the credit whenever possible. At the end of the day, customers are your backbone and their support build your brand equity. 

Sale’s man approach never works

The sale’s man approach in Instagram only works for you and your business. Why? Other people never care about what you sell but they care about why they should care. So, it is important to show them and intrigue their interest first. 

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