How an SEO services company maintain SEO ranking after redesigning your website

Getting attraction for your website is a big deal. But what if you have generous followers and a high rank in SERP rank in search engine. It is great for your business. The truth is every business needs a website to revamp as they extend their service or garner attention from customers. When you do this, it may make your website rank lower and other SEO optimization problems. Careful practices make sure your redesign of the website does not affect the SEO part.

SEO service company helps in retaining the customers and online presence with these hacks and key points.

  • Carryover your SEO tactics and elements without fail

The good SEO practices and methods inbuilt in the previous website must be identified and retained. SEO services companies can do that. They search for all SEO elements such as headings, titles, meta tags and maintain your new website for stability. Besides, they can spot the best-performing ones and keywords for the new website. Therefore, you can maintain all SEO elements.

  • Redirect URLs to the new website

Your current website users might rely on their browsing history for reaching out to your website. In redesigning the website you need to ensure the URL is updated. It is also useful for search engines. So, keep track of all your URLs and redirect them. Such a careful understanding from an SEO services company saves you from many troubles.

  • Implement on-page SEO ranking

Website ranking can redesign your website’s ranking on SERP. High impact on-page SEO practices assure the loss of visibility is temporary and has no adverse effects on the website.

An SEO services company ensures your URLs are robot-friendly; clear and simple. Also, it has meta tags in it, they are important elements as they regarded as page titles. The proper length of the URLs matters.

The first header tag is the H1 tag and it must be visible. They provide hints about webpage content and unavoidable. It can boost your overall SEO efforts. Likewise, restoring internal links is also crucial. Otherwise, there will be broken links.

  • Reinstall SSL and maintain SEO rankings

By redesigning your existing website, you will lose SSL. SSL is a protection for every piece of content on your site. It encrypts all data and communications. Securing your website’s security standard accelerates the ranking process and people also consider it trustworthy. Data privacy in the website is greatly appreciated by search engines.

In short, employing all these practices result in a great SEO-optimized website. Hiring the best SEO services company in India will do wonders for your revamped website.

Reach360 is the best SEO services company in India that delivers the best SEO optimization services for any business. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about creating a great online presence for businesses. Redesigning a website creates confusion and our team is well versed in all tactics to provide a well-maintained SEO.

Reach360 is a full-service Digital Marketing agency that provides custom Digital Marketing services to maximise ROI. As a team, we serve clients from diverse industries to stay ahead of their competition.
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