Guerrilla Marketing: An introduction

Most of the marketing all around us are sometimes too repetitive, dull, awful and even seems more like pandering than an art as it should be. It seems like the creative element associated with the marketing field is closer to its dying days. This eroding trend in marketing has been interrupted by Guerrilla Marketing, this type of marketing relies on creativity instead of cash.

Guerrilla marketing is an individualistically creative and disruptive way to advertise a product or a service. The uniqueness of guerrilla marketing is that the activities associated with this way of marketing are done exclusively on the streets or other public places with maximum people access so as to attract a bigger audience. A below the line way of advertising, where concepts and creativity take the centre stage. This way of advertising is a level playing field where creativity is king, but yet it is not used as much one would like.

The only negative aspect of guerrilla marketing is that the creativity can be a hit or miss, too simple the creativity the audience feels pandered to, too complicated the creativity, the audience misses the point completely. The motive behind guerrilla marketing is to spread your word at low cost. That means working behind the camera in order to capture the attention and imagine of a vast audience of people going about their daily routine. Mainly, expanding offerings during gloomy economic days to inspire customers to increase the size of each purchase. In the real word, guerrilla marketing is about investing time rather than investing money. This way of marketing suggests that you invest time, energy, lots of imagination, and a colourful knowledge.

The Only question is how you can implement it. Well, it depends on your business. Creativity matters for guerrilla marketing because it has to be unique all the time. The future of guerrilla marketing is very positive. In fact, it is the future of marketing. It is because online marketing is soon becoming also a type of guerrilla marketing, which is now very popular among modern marketers and the regular users of the internet and social media. Therefore, one should expect more and more unique and creative marketing strategies which grabs attention, more and more variations of this type of marketing will be introduced in the coming years as guerrilla marketing.

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