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Five Content marketing tools to be followed (2022)

Every business, irrespective of the industry, has its own content. The more content, the more business value. But the problem is few businesses’ contents reach huge traffic globally, whereas few businesses fail to do so. That is the reason only a few companies in one industry become successful. You might be wondering how they are successful because they follow a strong content marketing strategy. With the help of tools and software, it is very easy to create a strong strategy.


What is content marketing?

It is a way to create relevant and useful content to attract customers to your business. The content creation can be done in blogs, social media posts, emails etc. Once the content is created with the right marketing skills, it adds value to your organization. It also gives you an edge as customers prefer your company over other competitors. The whole game depends on how strong your content marketing strategy is. There are a few content marketing tools which help in creating a good strategy.


Why does a business need content marketing tools?

Every business should be aware of these six tools and try to implement one tool to improve the scalability, reach, and value of their business. These tools save time and money. It improves the quality of content and also speeds up the process of content creation. One can create content with unique and new ideas, which helps in creating a unique brand value. Let us look at the six marketing tools.


Five Content marketing tools for good content marketing strategy:



  • SemRush:


Imagine you have an opportunity to have insight information about your competitor’s strategy, which includes paid search, advertising, etc. The opportunity is created by this tool, which helps in taking those decisions and ensures and secures your top position. This tool supports the Google Docs feature, which helps you to be aware of SEO best practices while creating quality content. SemRush offers SEO, competitive research, PPC, social media monitoring, and CMP services. Its 7-day free trial helps you to decide whether this supports your content marketing strategy or not, as you can explore every feature.



  • HubSpot:


It is a one-stop solution for all content marketing solutions, along with a CRM suite, which helps in creating content and optimising it so that it reaches the target audience easily. It is considered a powerful automated platform in this industry. It is easy to use, and in the event of any queries, you can contact them via email, chatbot, or form-builder. It helps in improving your website as HubSpot can create accurate results.



  • Fraser.IO


If your content form is a blog or article, then this is the perfect tool for your company. It helps writers write content quickly and effectively. It has inbuilt templates and SERP features, which makes writing easy. Upon that, you get the chance to see your competitor’s content and questions on the same topics. Writing is one key component in a content marketing strategy as everything boils down to the quality of content your company is creating. It also helps in optimising the SEO content once you have finished writing.



  • Ahrefs:


This is a collection of tools that help in making smart content, which can help you in creating your brand value. It helps you use a unique or new keyword for your topic that competitors didn’t use for a certain topic. A keyword analysis is one more feature that helps to choose the perfect keyword after detailed research. It has a content explorer tool which helps you to find the topics that are currently trending related to your business. Creating content on such topics helps your business to gain more website traffic, more views, more shares, etc. To use this tool effectively, most businesses use content marketing strategy specialists as they are experienced in this field.



  • Airtable:


Every business has huge volumes of data to be stored, which can be a problem sometimes. The Airtable tool helps in resolving this issue if your business faces it. They also help in sorting by using different filters. It is good for businesses who conduct campaigns regularly to promote their business content as this tool can track them. This gives a clear idea of how effective the strategy is. If not, they can make those changes, which can make a strong content marketing strategy.



These tools help companies improve their business values, operations and many core areas. It is essential to be knowledgeable about how to use these tools effectively.To sum up, content tools’ demand changes year by year, and these five tools are from a long list of tools that every business should follow in 2022 as part of their content marketing strategy


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