Can copywriting for social media ads make or break your business?

Social media like Facebook and Instagram have uncountable users across the world and for business, it is a powerful branding medium and a marketing aid. Businesses use social media companies expert knowledge to increase their sales and business revenue to the fullest. One way to do this is to opt for social media ads. Some may view it as an interruption like any other commercial ad. But the reality is people do listen to these ads. Being a business owner you must use it for your business. 

Personalized, captivating yet informative ads in news feed win the hearts of Facebook users. Besides, you get a better Return on investment from social media ads. Renowned social media companies can help you come up with great ideas for social media ads.

Always pay for website click, not pages

Investing your money on growing pages alone does not provide you with great results. The reason is simple, people simply landing on your page and leaving back has no value on your business. Instead, if they visit your website it might be a quality lead. Buying likes and shares also have no much value. Social media companies in India use various forms of social media ads to get more leads and conversions.

Key points to remember before crafting ads

Your business target audience must be identified for running effective social media ads. Since they are paid campaigns, the correct target is a must-have. So, writing for the ad will be easy. Secondly, your ad must be appealing enough to stop scrolling. For this, social media companies use captivating images relevant to the context. Once these steps are executed next is writing a copy for the ad. 

Copy for social media ads matters

Social media companies from their long years of experience and trends understand that great copies always win the game, no matter what the business strategy is. The following tips are the best for writing an effective copy for ads. 

  • Text

The text you include must be brief and should evoke emotion or the senses of the viewer. Power words are perfect for it. Style your tone and vocabulary for your specific audience. 

  • Headline

The headline also contains a power verb as it is the first thing people see when an ad pops up. Here also, personalization is the key. 

  • News Feed link description

This is where you provide a concise description of the ad and explain the why element. Free trials, great reviews, moneyback guarantees are some of the best examples. 

  • Display link

It is where you show your website address. You can display it with a set of power verbs. 

  • Call to action

The call to action also must be specific and that depends upon your products and services. Sign up, learn more, know more are some of the examples for a call to action button. 

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