All about Google’s mobile-first indexing update

Mobile phones and smartphones are available to almost everyone despite their ages. Many searches, do business and enjoy themselves through this small screen. It is a great weapon for digital marketers as well as businesses. Research shows that many searches through mobile rather than using a laptop or any other medium.  Mobile-first indexing deals with all optimization techniques that revolve around smartphones for ranking content for websites. Understanding this, top SEO agency keen on providing the best website experience when accessed from a mobile device. 

Many businesses are also trying to rewire their websites to make them mobile-friendly. They hire a top SEO agency and make necessary changes to get full advantages of mobile indexing by Google. Many digital marketers are aware of mobile indexing and it is included in many digital marketing strategies to increase organic traffic as well as SERP ranking for websites.

Google’s mobile-first indexing

Mobile-first indexing was introduced in the year 2016 and afterward, Google has provided a lot of information. It is your website’s version when accessed from a mobile. Thus, the website will have Google indexing. 

A top SEO agency optimizes your website for all devices including smartphones. Mobile indexing supports the mobile version of the entire website in an easy-to-use manner. To get a high rank on SERP, first, you need to make sure that your website has a mobile-friendly version.

How to check your website’s mobile friendliness?

Integrating SEO optimization along with mobile indexing is not a big deal for a top SEO agency. They are adept at SEO and use various testing tools to assess your website’s mobile-friendliness. If the website has great user-friendliness and low loading time just like accessed from the desktop, you are on the right track. When all your dynamic elements come together in a unified fashion, the website will look more engaging and user-friendly. 

Things to be noted for mobile-indexing SEO
  • Content

Smartphone has a small screen. The content appears there has to be concise and to the point. Besides, the content quality and format of the mobile version o the website matter. Indexable content gets a high ranking. 

  •  Structured data

The data structure for the desktop and mobile versions of the website must be easy to use and decipher. 

  • Meta Data

The meta tag is very important, both for the desktop and mobile versions of your website. Top SEO agency can create excellent, to the point meta tags. Meta tags need not be creative but informative. 

  • Server capacity

The server capacity of web servers matters when it comes to mobile indexing. You can check the crawl rate while observing mobile indexing for SEO. 

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