A recap of the most applied SEO trends of 2021?

2021, was an unprecedented year as the pandemic and its adverse effects loomed everywhere. It certainly impacted how we market, do business and live. Most of the heavy hitters in the digital marketing industry also shed light on the best SEO trends before 2021 and so far we have seen many trends that were a blockbuster hit. 

We will see how each SEO trend ship-shaped the online world. Besides, how businesses can utilize SEO service company to optimize their marketing and branding efforts. 

The SEO trend ship-shaped 2021
  • Mobile SEO

We all know the majority of the population has access to the internet or smartphones. And the need to optimize your business’s online activities for the small screen of smartphones became a necessity rather than a want. When potential people search for a product or service, your website needs to be there. For this, an SEO service company optimizes your website for mobile phones. Mobile SEO does not trim the screen of your website into a small screen but optimizes content and layout for easy understanding.

  • Local SEO efforts

Local SEO is as important as doing other SEO efforts. The majority of the key queries are answered via the first SERP results. But, we have seen many Zero clicks also happens. So, setting up a Google business account and effective backlink was given top priority.

  • Video Content

Video content is the most consumed content online not only on the streaming platforms such as YouTube but for your websites too. Realizing its potential, the SEO service company also started to use concise and explicit video content for generating engagement as well as branding.  

  • Intent content

The user’s search intent has been taken into consideration to curate content, especially for the user. It is the best SEO tactic we have seen SEO service company widely use. Google also value and rank a website that curates content not only for SEO but for end-user in mind.

  • Show don’t tell

It is said that our attention span is less than that of a goldfish. So, in order to obtain attention SEO service company incorporated multimedia elements along with the text. In this way, they could arrest the interest of users and nurture it for conversion.

  • Voice search

People are impatient and use the best ways to get what they want. Voice search is the most sought after searching method nowadays. So, your business SEO needs to comply with voice search. SEO strategists realized and started to make their SEO efforts for fast and timely search engine interactions using voice search.  

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