Marketing firms regularly employ these six growth strategies

6 Growth Hacks that Ad Agencies use everyday

It’s common to attribute an ad’s success or failure to its content and messaging, and you wouldn’t be completely incorrect.

That people don’t pay attention to the messaging before anything else, and they also don’t pay attention to you.

And this is when your eye for aesthetics comes in handy. If you want people to pay attention to your messaging, calls to action, etc., you need a well-planned and organized design that stands out from the crowd. We’ve seen it all as we’ve developed hundreds of ads for our agency customers and know what works and what doesn’t. And now, we will share with you the 6 tricks (hacks, if you will) that advertising companies utilize to make some of the most effective advertisements.


Include a prompt for the reader to take some sort of action

Including a Call-To-Action in your advertisements should be common sense at this point. However, ad agencies feel compelled to include it on the list because so many individuals still neglect to do so. There’s no denying the efficacy of calls to action. You must include a call to action in either the visuals or the text. When we tweak the CTA for a client, we often notice a 60 percent or higher uptick in conversions.


Use of Psychological Triggers


When it comes to making a purchase, your visitors are emotional beings. Every ad agency knows that marketing and sales have a significant emotional component, yet it doesn’t stop us from ignoring it. Get your target market to identify with your brand by appealing to their feelings. Unless anything about what we read or watch makes us feel strongly, we tend to forget about it quickly.


Plan Ahead For Trends

According to advertisement companies, a trendy ad layout makes sense, at least in the moment. Verify the information, message, and theme you’re providing to your visitors are genuinely relevant and trending by using Google Trends. If it’s popular, sales will increase since more people will be able to identify with the subject matter and appreciate the message being sent.


Accentuate Headlines and Captions

Headlines and captions are more likely to be read than the actual text of an article. People are lazy by definition and always go for the easiest option. As a result, new ideas emerge. As an ad agency, you should take this into account and offer as few words as feasible. Instead, use an attention-grabbing title or caption to convey the intended meaning.


Apply the 80/20 rule

Ads on Facebook closely obey the 20% guideline. There may be no more than twenty percent of text, following the regulation. This regulation stresses the significance of visible indicators. Make sure to incorporate this idea into your marketing ad strategy. Facebook data shows that customers are more receptive when there are more pictures than words.


Provide a Bonus for Your Users

Free material is always appreciated by audiences and ad agencies alike, regardless of its worth. To make someone feel extra special, give them something for free. Good advertisements provide some sort of benefit to their target audience. Do not feel that the award needs to be really large. A simple Rs. 100 reward card or discount would suffice. Giving viewers a perk in exchange for viewing your ad will increase interaction and make a good impression.

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