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SEO Process

Unique Processes, Proven Methodologies

Our 5 Step process ensure that your website gets the most out of our services

Overall Analysis

Reach 360 begins the SEO process by researching our client, their business and most importantly, their competition. We also take a close look at all the existing web presence of our clients

Business and Market Analysis

The first step in our process is to understand the business of the client so we can better understand the goals of our clients. This gives an idea on how to approach the target demographic. Making sure that our SEO process makes a definite impact with potential clients. This first steps helps us to chart a strategy for our website optimization plans.

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Keywords and Trends Research

The crux of the SEO process, we investigate and identify the frequently used search terms that citizens of the internet use for finding businesses online. This is crucial to the success of almost all SEO campaign. Keeping an eye of the trends of how keywords are used is also important to stay on top, keyword Research helps our SEO team to identify the most relevant and trending keywords for a business. We use a variety of online tools and techniques for the keyword research and the keyword theme creation.

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Online Presence Audit

As one of the best SEO services company in India, we use our immense technical knowledge to analyse the existing web presence of our customers. This gives an idea of deviancies in the existing model of operation. We analyse the site right up to the coding standards of the website.

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Competition and opposition Analysis

We research our client’s online competition to make sure of the impact that we want to have our potential customer to be as unique and as standout as possible. This allows us to avoid any pitfalls and mistakes while coming up with the Keyword Theme.

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Once our initial analysis is complete, we start planning an SEO process, to get to the target we approach from multiple fronts. This makes sure that we do not overlook any important fronts of the website.


The planning for the On-Page is arrived from reports of detailed analysis, site audit & keyword research. Our on page planning we go through a wide range of aspects of a web site, including coding structure on a webpage like , keyword placement, Meta tags, alt tags, keyword density , Hx tags, structured markup, HTML code , page speed optimization, and managing redirections are also included in on-page SEO plans.

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The off-page planning consist of building backlinks, posting quality post on other sites etc. We follow the guidelines from multiple search engines to make sure that the site stays relevant with respect to multiple search engines.

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Another crucial part of planning ahead is the process of content revamping, having the right keywords in the right quantity can make a huge difference when it comes it comes to traffic from search engines. Thus the content strategy is very important for the success of the SEO campaign. Depending upon on the scale of improvement needed, the existing content may be re-written, new pages maybe added and a blog might be started so as the content can be shared on multiple outlets.

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Monitoring and Measuring performance

Using the latest tools in monitoring and measuring web analytics, we can track the success of each of our components of our SEO campaign. We can also track the progress of individual digital marketing services such as paid traffic, organic traffic, email marketing, social media etc. Our strategies are tailor made to each client to meet their individual demands.

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On-Site Optimisation

To get the best results for Organic searches, SEO process relies heavily on making changes to the website. This step is all about revamping the overall structure of the website.

Architecture Revamp

We may need to change the overall structure of the website, we make the navigation of the website is easy on the user as well as easy to revamp for any SEO process. We make sure that the website is setup in a way that it will be easy to revamp and make changes on the go. This makes sure that the website is conducive to website traffic.

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Analytics set-up

Webmaster & Analytic Account Set-Up, Optimizing Crawl Errors, Sitemap, .htaccess, Fixing Site Errors etc.

Diving deep into the technical aspects of the website, using state of the art tools and techniques, we detect errors associated with technical aspects of the website. Little components such as crawl errors, which are often missed are monitored with great interest. Redirecting errors where pages are improperly linked is another area we look into. We also setup a Google Webmaster account as it makes easier to spot errors and track performance of the website. The tool provides a number of important metrics such as number of site visits, sources of traffic and page errors etc.

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Content Implementation & Schema Markup

In this we make sure that all changes we have made until now such as changes to content, tags are all in line with the algorithmic expectations of search engine bots. Our SEO professionals also make necessary changes to the schema of website so it becomes easier from crawl bots of search engines. The contents of the website are also fine tuned for easy navigation and categorized for keywords.

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Optimizing Tags

Optimizing Meta Tags, Titles, hx Tags, Alt Tags and Anchor Text

We continue our dive further into the technical nuances by analysing and changing if necessary, metric such as Optimizing Meta Tags, Titles, hx Tags, Alt Tags and Anchor Text. Our SEO specialists go through each of these tags to make sure they are updated to latest keywords and trends. Meta tags gives an brief overview of the content of a specific webpage. This is important as it has been shown that many search engines take this tag very seriously. hx tags or heading tags, covers the heading of the page, this too is important as this is first piece of text a visitor first lays eyes on. These need to a mix of keyword centric and creative enough to grab attention. Our SEO team goes through every technical nuances of web page.

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We put out regular content to make sure that the rankings hold up across the search engines.

Content creation

We create content which is relevant to the end user and for maintaining the rankings. The created content is posted to various outlets such as social media, blog and article sites. The content is created after careful planning and strategy.

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Influencers and outreach

We reach out to influencers who are most followed by your target demographics, this makes sure we don't leave any part target demographic unreached. The niche audience is what we are trying to reach with this strategy.

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Social media outreach

The human interaction part of the internet, social media has changed how companies and businesses present themselves to the public. We make sure that your business's presence is memorable at various social media outlets.

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Page Speed Optimization

Another crucial factor is loading time of a webpage, while this seem something which only affects the average page visitor. This metric is important for getting a higher page ranking, as a slow slow loading page can affect the conversions negatively. Our SEO team makes sure that all your pages are optimized for multiple platforms such as smartphone and tablets. This is achieved by using Google’s page speed insight tool.

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Analytics and growth

We analyse what are things we are doing right and the things we can improve.

Performance reporting

We periodically measure and analyze the situation to get a better sense of what is needed to be done. Our reports are accurate and detailed, they give us an insight on what difference we have made to your website’s traffic and the audience’s engagement numbers.

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Future endeavours

The numbers can give us an idea on how to approach the future activities, specific areas where we can target, new demographics that can be swayed etc.

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Why Our Methods Work?

Search Engine Optimization is a highly dynamic process, where, to stay at the top of the digital marketing scenario, you have to hire the help of professional SEO services. We are a respected SEO Consultant Company in India who believes in quality content and ethical approach.

Our steadfast and dedicated commitment has allowed us to provide our professional SEO services to clients all round the globe. Here’s why we are one among the leading SEO companies in India.

Planning and strategy

We approach each of our clients differently than the earlier clients, as the requirement vary so should approach too. Each client and their business is analysed in painstaking detail and depth to get a better understanding of the business.

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Proven track record

Reach360 has proven their expertise in SEO with multiple clients across diverse industries. We have worked as SEO consultants for businesses of almost all and every type such as e-commerce concerns, tourism and hospitality, medicine and wellness, professional service, the entertainment industry, retail sector, real estate and legal sector.

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Dedicated team and experts

SEO is one of the well known and respected services of Reach360, we have a dedicated on standby for any requirement for SEO. The team is a mix of solid experience and youthful energy, they are afraid to experiment as well.

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Reports and metrics

We share all the progress with our clients, the reports are transparent and easy for the average layman to understand, this makes the client involved with the entire enterprise. An involved client is as important as the involved end-user customer.

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We keep an open line between the working team, skill team and the management team. This makes sure that there is no communication loss between the teams. This translates to projects and tasks which are easy to track and manage.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Emerging as the top player in Search Engines is a herculean task, but Reach 360 Solutions can help you navigate through the internet’s maze of content with quality and guaranteed SEO growth.

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