Why we are not measuring content marketing with SEO services

Getting on the top of search engines is a dream of every business and to reach there you need an exceptional SEO agency to take care of your digital marketing. There is a false perception that to be at the top of the SERP pages, you need not be an expert in content marketing. But, is that right?

The truth is effective SEO activities revolve around content marketing. Both are correlated, blended, and overlapped for optimum results. A qualified SEO agency knows it and their SEO optimization efforts comprise content marketing. 

The difference in SEO and content marketing 

The major difference in SEO and content marketing makes the people believe that they are solitary approaches are the following:

  • SEO is technical and the latter is a broadening concept
  • SEO creates opportunities and content marketing fulfill them
How it converge in Digital marketing
  • Customer requirements and fulfillment 

SEO procures the requirements and through captivating content, all these requirements are fulfilled for business. An SEO agency creates compelling Blogs, podcasts, articles, social media content that helps you rank higher in Search engine results. Likewise, content marketing is all about applying SEO-centric content.

Increasing web traffic, reaching your target audience, and segregating the new audience is the motto of having best SEO practices. And the right SEO agency can make that happen. 

  • SEO provides keywords and content is where keywords used

Keywords are one of the attributes of SEO. An adept SEO agency spends quality time in researching, modifying, and reviewing keywords with respect to a particular business and domain.  These keywords are strategically used in content creation by content marketers. The keywords are incorporated into content in a way that is digestible to the ‘target audience’. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that keyword stuffing results in a penalty from Google. 

  • Backlinks are required in SEO and content is what makes it possible.

Linkback is the fine result of effective content marketing. SEO agencies in India can build backlinks in an effective way. But the best way is to have killer content! Therefore, for continual SEO success, you must have worthy content to get that unheard of links. 

In short, to be at the top of SEO practices, you need to view content marketing as its companion, not a distant component. Consistent content and continual SEO tactics will reward your business in the long run in the form of more organic traffic and a great SERP ranking. 

Reach 360 Digital is an SEO agency in India focused on result-driven solutions for your business. Our advanced tools and SEO tactics help you reach the brim of your business. Online marketing has become quintessential and to be the best you need to incorporate the best SEO strategies along with content marketing. We are confident that your business will reach sky height backed by our proven skillset and industry knowledge. Our team elucidate insights about your online presence and what we can do to elevate it. 


Reach360 is a full-service Digital Marketing agency that provides custom Digital Marketing services to maximise ROI. As a team, we serve clients from diverse industries to stay ahead of their competition.
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