Who is the spookiest?

Every year by this time our social media feeds start to fill up with Halloween adverts, campaigns, and promotions. 2017 has seen video promotions ascend as the best tool of communication on every social media channel. Here is a list of spooky tales that Brands had to tell this year and we clearly have few hands-down Top 5 winners for the spookiest videos 2017.

  • Bite Sized Horrors by Mars Incorporated

This 2 minute long adverts from Mars candy bars brand in association with Fox networks will creep inside you and chill your bones. Do not miss watching these four ‘Bite-sized horror’ films that have been rolled out so far, Skittles “Floor 9.5”, M&Ms “The Road”, Starburst “Replacement”, and Snickers “Live Bait”.

  •  Huluween by Hulu LLC

Hulu, an American subscription video on demand is building up their momentum with ‘Hulu Haunted House’, this 2017 Halloween. Hulu is celebrating ‘Huluween’ with a  six-part anthology series called The House. Watch these three released short videos here,

  • The Neiborhood by Xfinity

This Comcast cable brand unveiled a five-minute horror short film titled ‘The Neighborhood’. The short film is very well made and also has the product shoehorned in the movie, unlike the Mars candy brands series. Catch the short video here,

  • Scary Clown Night by Burger King

The Burger King Chain announced their Halloween video release and along with it their Halloween offer. They will be giving out free Whoopers to anyone dressed up as a clown for their Scary Clown Night.

  •  Car confusion by Smart Forfour

A funny Halloween advert created by Smart automobile is a hilarious take on how cars look alike these days and how it can be avoided. Smart ForFour is a supermini which stands out from other automobiles.

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