What are the black hat SEO tactics you should avoid

When executed and incorporated in a well-defined manner, SEO can be a boon for your business efforts. It can let you have an engaged reader base, quality leads and a great amount of traffic. Professional SEO services understand the importance of incorporating SEO efforts into your website. But some use unhealthy and black hat SEO techniques to exploit the whole system. That is not fair. Your website is your free SEO channel where you can publicize your business for free. It requires time, effort and patience from your end to see reaping results. So, it is essential to avoid risky black hat Search engine optimization techniques.

Professional SEO services are vigilant to avoid black hat SEO practices. They understand one must adhere to certain rules and standards. Execution of the black hat SEO technique invites penalties and fines from search engines like Google. Ethical SEO techniques provide long term advantages to your website. 

Common black-hat SEO tactics
  • Keyword stuffing

Keywords are important in SEO content. But too many of them and irrelevant search terms will not help Google ranking. The keyword cannibalization must be avoided. Overuse will bring penalties from Google. Instead of stuffing content, the keywords must be used naturally. 

Spam Comments

When we read something we may find some advertisement copy in between the blog or article. This is spam content.

  • Clickbait

Clickbait is used to increment the number of clicks on a website. A captivating and interesting headline is used to attract more eyeballs. 

  • Cloaking

Cloaking is crafting one content for search engines and the other for readers. Cloaking brings heavy penalties from search engines as it violates Google webmaster’s guidelines. 

  • Copied links

Professional SEO services eliminate copied content as they understand it is an exploitation of others efforts as well as unethical. Using copied content lower website ranking and you will lose potential visitors. 

  • Doorway pages

Doorway pages are middle websites between visitors and the actual website. These pages are ranked higher because of keyword optimization. It is necessary to avoid this as search engines consider it unethical SEO practice. Most of these pages are loaded with links to the websites user typed. Instead of directing users to the actual website, the doorway passage directs them into a third-party website. 

  • Mirror websites

Mirror websites look like twins. They are alike in the entire website structure and theme. 

  • Link farming

In Link farming, links are generated using automated programming to boost website ranking. Here, the content and website are not scrapy. The volume of unnecessary link building brings heavy penalties from Google. 

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