Tools content creators are fond of generating content for search engines as well as users

Without content, it is not easy to get attention online and develop an online presence as a business owner. Successful content creators from the best SEO marketing agency, know there is no difference between creating content for search engines as well as the target audiences. constant research and prose skills alone cannot win the game. When it comes to creating content, time is everything. It is an important asset and to make the most out of it, content creators use certain tools. 

The importance of curating novel, captivating at the same time relevant content weighs great pressure on content strategists. Besides, the content curated must be understood by both users as well as search engines in order to get higher SERP ranks. To ease their work and to make them more productive, SEO marketing agencies recommend using these tools. Employing these tools, assure your content is search engine friendly as most tools are SEO based.

  • Grammarly Business and Hemingway app

Grammarly business is an essential tool used by content marketers just like the Hemingway app. Both checks the style, intonation, readability, intricacy of the language of your content. Being a content marketer, you can create flawless content. 

  • SpyFu

You always have something to learn from your competitor. There is no exception when it comes to content creation. SpyFu allows you to track the content strategies of your competitors. It provides great insights in terms of backlinks, keywords and paid campaigns. 

  • SEMrush

As the name suggests, the tool is purely dedicated to SEO content writing. SEO marketing agency especially finds it is useful to create content for local SEO. It also provides plenty of information about competitive analysis m ranking tracking reports and keywords.

  • Clearscope

SEO marketing agency uses CLearscope when they need to identify the content gap between you and your competitors. It is an amazing tool that lets you get a crystal clear idea about content ranking requirements. You can also find out keyword gaps. 

  • Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a handy tool that lets you search a term on many platforms.  In this way, the content creator can get an idea about the keywords and other words which has greater search volume to include in their content. Getting to know about trending keywords is easy with this tool. 

  • Frase

Frase is a tool that works similar to SEMrush. It lets you find the most ranked keywords and thus creating keyword-rich content to the context. SEO content analysis and content gap analysis are the most relevant features of frase.

  • LongTail Pro

The discovery of profitable keywords is easy peasy with this tool. It showcases a list of keyword profitability ranking, daily keyword tracking and more. 

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