The Power of Nofollow links in SEO​

Hello, fellow curious minds(smiley). The booming need for the presence in digital platforms and the fact “If you a have a dead body to hide, hide it on the second page of Google” remains true, the frantic search to get yourself on The First Page of your search engine is a common scene in the Digital Marketing World.

Now the best way to achieve rankings on search engines is quality Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your websites and Quality Content. They play the key roles. Backlink building is one of the first choices for building a trust factor for your pages. Now before you start your off-page optimisation let me introduce you to some facts.

Why no follow – Introduction of No-follow attribute

Any decent digital marketer will tell you that No follow links are a waste of time as there is no link juice. Now, I am not against them, but know that the main hectic task that the Google programmers face, is to optimize google search so that they can provide the best results for your searches and queries. Now, what troubles them the most is the black hats and gray hats who like to bend or even the break the rules and spam for these link juices, creating havoc to bloggers by spams. This led to the introduction of no follow. This shot down the spammers from posting in the No follow sites as they are now no good for them as there is no link juice.

But for you people out there, who have quality content, know that the Nofollow link is not a havoc, But, your blessing in disguise. Most of these no follow sites are a good niche with authentic people with an authentic interest in what you have to say. The perfect audience for you is now in front of you,  and now it is up to you to present yourself with quality content that WILL bring you the traffic you need for your pages.

Google still loves No-follow links

Another interesting fact is that Google can hold you accountable for “Guilty by association”. With every new update in Google algorithm, a lot of spammy and black hats are weeded out by Google and any link juices from such sites can be penalized and can let your Google ranks to fall.
There are many ways to make your presence in the digital world. We choose to do Digital Marketing by building quality content that can engage and entertain your audience and to optimise so that you can reach out and the world gets to know you.

Aflah is a Digital Marketing Specialist who loves to experiment new ideas. He believes there is no boundaries to Digital Marketing and hates the idea of 'one size fits all'. Engaging thought provoking content is his tools for Search Engine Optimization. He is pretty laid back, you can find him with his favorite manga's or out with his friends exploring delicacies.
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