The common myths about SEO practices you need to be aware of.

The term SEO or search engine optimization is a buzzword heard by many of us. Being a business owner, you might have used the SEO company’s expertise for your business. When employed in the right way, SEO efforts boost your online persona, increase your organic traffic as well as business. 

The term SEO has been known and SEO company makes use of it for great online presence. But, the misconceptions about SEO are still there and these are some of the prominent myths about it. 

  • One-time-thing 

SEO company never overlooks the importance of consistent SEO efforts. They know great online SERP ranking and other benefits cannot be achieved overnight. It is not a one-time thing but a continuous process to get a fair ranking on SERP. For example, you need to make changes as per the new algorithm updates from Google. With the help of a renowned SEO company, you can elevate your website ranking.

  • Links are the best

Backlinks are a great part of SEO efforts by any SEO company. But, the quality and relevancy of the links are matters the most. Without relevant links, inbound linking has no value. These backlinks make your presence more authentic and trustworthy.

  • More keywords matter

Incorporating many keywords and phrases into your web page is no longer considered a great practice for SEO. Tons of low-quality content and high density of keywords is not the best way to get higher ranks on Google. They actually deplete your chances of getting recognized by search engines.  

Instead of stuffing keywords, you need to do thorough research about keywords considering various metrics. And then apply it to your content marketing strategy for fabulous results.

  • Content marketing replace SEO efforts

There is a widely accepted myth that content marketing efforts replace Search engine optimization. In reality, these are interconnected. To get a high SERP result, you need content marketing as well as white hat SEO practices. Content marketing complements SEO practices and vice-versa. 

  • Blogging is not essential for SERP ranking

Blogging is your business diary and it has to be constantly updated to get more visitors and engagement. But, many belittle the importance of blogging for any business. Relevant and consistent long-form content like a blog has great to do with your SEO results. It makes a huge difference in terms of organic traffic, engagement and SERP ranking. 

  • Keyword centric meta descriptions are essential

Keywords-centric meta tags are often misleading and not the best SEO practice. The myth about including such meta tags still exists in the minds of SEO experts. But you should not overlook their importance. An intriguing and to-the-point meta title and description increase your content consumption and SERP ranking. People never turn down when they get relevant information while they search for something. 

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