Stay ahead of Google’s search updates; All about BERT algorithm for 2021

It is difficult to maintain your online presence in a constantly changing online environment. But to be in the game, you have to resonate with the changes. One of them will be Google’s search algorithms. There are many updates available and can break or make your website. It is said that more than 500 updates are released in 2020. SEO companies embrace it and use it for elevating the SERP ranking of websites. 

Google’s search updates

BERT is a prominent Google search update that has changed many SERP ranking of websites into doom and vice versa. The common thing is Google always loves high-quality and fresh content. If your website has great content, probably you are on the safe side. 

Then, what is BERT, and what it means for your business?

BERT is a brand new search algorithm introduced by search giant Google. It is intended to improve NLP that is natural language processing. Google wants to provide a prompt and exact answer for its unending queries. SEO companies are understanding and applying its importance in their SEO services.

Bidirectional Encoder Representations From Transformers is the expansion of BERT. Machine learning capabilities are developing at a rocket rate alongside neural networks. So, SEO companies must move away from the old method of creating content for the sake of content. Before BERT,  the research work targeting transformers assimilates words and blurt out results without deciphering the meaning. On the other hand, BERT is a tool that decodes a query just like a human does. The result? More accurate answers to a particular query. It was released on October 24th, 2019. 


SEO companies often battle with Google’s search updates. This is because it can adversely affect some of the web pages or the entire website. The search engines provide contextual search responses for users. If you have original, read-worthy content you are saved! BERT is bliss for your business. It can elevate your SERP ranking and might give you more visibility. The lesson, fresh and original content is always demanded and essential for thriving in the online world. Likewise, SEO practices must be work taking care of contexts into the frame. 

With the BERT algorithm, you will experience the following

  • The long-tail keyword will have more importance
  • Local content get more traffic and organic boost in SERP ranking
  • Greater scope for multilingual SEO strategies
  • As always, relevant and fresh content will withstand any search update

So far we have elucidated the nature and function of BERT. So, it is vital to find SEO companies of high competence and knowledge to boost your website ranking. Their skillset means a lot to your business. 

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