Instagram shopping: hit or miss

Shopping is an unending and invigorating experience for many. With the advent of e-commerce platforms and social media marketing services, shopping has now become an effortless process. 

Instagram is the new digital medium for businesses to merge with a wide range of marketers. Rather than a mere app, it is now a social media marketing service with an Instagram shopping feature. This feature lets you grab your photos and videos. Instagram is all set to refashion e-commerce.

Shopping culture before and after Instagram

Instagram has traveled all the way and revolutionized itself just from posting pictures to getting your desired brand products within a click or tag away.

Until 2017, Instagram was just an app like any other social media apps to post pictures and videos. Moreover, shopping was preferably offline while some enjoyed the relaxation of online purchases from their favourite sites.

When Instagram took up the role of social media marketing services, it did transform the consumer culture. The shop feature in Instagram allows its customers to see the product, like the product and buy the product immediately or save it for later purposes. e-commerce is made easy through this smartphone app,

  • Purchase products directly featured in the Instagram feed or profile.
  • @ shop, insta account enables you to buy or save your desired items without leaving the app.
  • There is a small shopping bag icon that has products and items of various brands and retailers all over the globe.
The authenticity of Instagram shopping: hit or miss for your business

Instagram has already opened up its channels to brands and business accounts allowing them real-time purchases from the feeds or posts. The authenticity of Instagram shopping is still in question when there are apps or sites exclusively for social media marketing services.

  • Direct reach to your customers- of all the available social media marketing services in India, Instagram would the best choice to have quick access to your consumers. Personally and professionally, Instagram would be the best way to connect to the audience.
  • Increased sales due to visual marketing- visual marketing is the tool of new-age marketing. Visuals and videos are more likely to engage the customers. Researches show that there is an increase in the number of sales after watching a video.
  • Influencer marketing- Instagram is indeed a great influencer among the youngsters which in turn can be an influence agent for your business too. This social media marketing service is an influence source in creating brand awareness and brand recognition thereby creating an impact on your business and sales.

These benefits of the Instagram shopping feature highlight how this smartphone app can be a hit in a business. In today’s world of digitization, digital marketing is the crux of every enterprise.

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