How to skyrocket your business with an Instagram fan base?

Back in the days, an account in social media was confined to Facebook for all generations; but now youngsters, as well as elders, are rapidly using all sorts of social media. Among them, our special attention is sapped by Instagram. Not convinced? Here is a Instagram statistic report by Statista considering all age groups around the world. It shows that 32% of global Instagram audiences fall between the ages of 25 to 34. As a business owner, are you excited to see a global market of potential prospects?

Instagram for your business

SEO services company see the social media platform’s potential for business growth as tremendous. Since Instagram has a great market, you can use it for business growth in myriad ways. The goals can vary from introducing products to creating branding awareness. The fanbase on Instagram is one of the best parameters to acquire more leads as well as more sales. Let us explore in detail what are the practical steps an SEO services company takes to get more fan base for your business.

Increasing fan base
  • Make content easy to follow and digest

The post you share must resonate with the target audience. Besides, the content you publish should be easy to digest, follow. To acquire this, seek a professional SEO services company’s help. Make captions captivating enough to intrigue the reader.

  • Useful emojis and hashtags

Emojis are expressions beyond words. Using the right and unique emojis convey sentiments and emotions to your followers. SEO services company uses such thoughtful emojis to emphasize certain words in a post. It’s a non-verbal cue when interacting with prospective customers. Unique hashtags are also an important feature.

  • Launch a selfie contest

Instagram is all bout images and videos. Hence, launching a selfie contest regarding a new product launch or business event arouse engagement and help you get more followers. Even, new ones. 

  • Organize many types of contests

It is good to increase engagement by conducting various kinds of small contests based on hot topics, relevance to your products or new fads. 

  • A complete bio is essential and ‘follow’ others

A perfect and extensive bio adds credibility over other businesses that haven’t. Following similar companies or heavy-hitters in your industry also help you win one’s heart. 

  • Posting quality and time matters

Regular updates and timing of the post matter. It is found that posting on Sundays is effective just like updating pages after 2 am or 5 pm. An SEO services company assure quality over quantity when it comes to posting. 

  • Lend hands with Instagram influencers and sponsored posts

Sponsored posts and lending hands with the apt Instagram followers arouse audience curiosity, interest and engagement. They will be more leaned towards your business.

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