How to measure the effectiveness of SEO for your website

We are all accustomed to technology and digitalization in our lives. Businesses are also aware of the need for appearing online, creating engagement and maintaining a strong online presence, Many have hired SEO marketing agency for reliable results in a confined period. Rand Fishkin, one of the most influential SEO practitioners in the world concludes SEO is the “practice of improving and promoting a website to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines”. The algorithms of search engines are many and constantly changing. Based on these changes in algorithms, search engines can find the relevant web page for a particular keyword or phrase that is typed in.

SEO the term itself is 18 to 20 years old and has been evolving since its inception. It covers tactics, strategies and more for a great flow of website traffic. The SEO marketing agency is adept at developing internal practices for search engine optimization as well as external optimization techniques. 

Being a business owner, you might have contemplated how effective is your SEO efforts so as to get ahead in the online world. You must understand the external and internal SEO practices serve different purposes, The first one generally makes your website search engine friendly rather than driving traffic to your website. Though, these are meant for search engines to interpret several on-page SEO techniques that have an effect on SEO progress. 

Here SEO marketing agency provides a brief list of on-page SEO practices which has great to do with the effectiveness of SEO for your content-based website.

Your website address is known as a domain name and it is a crucial element for website optimization.

  • Website structure and content

Effective SEO is possible with the targeted content as well as SEO friendly website structure. The website content should correspond to the keyword research.

  • Internal Links

Linking internal pages make indexing easier for Google.

  • Page Title

The page title is located above the browser menu.

  • Alt attribute names and pictures

The alt attribute provides alternative text for the image so as to make it searchable. 

  • Website URLs

The URL of your website must be specific, permanent and above all human-readable. 

  • Section Headings

The HTML heading tags starting from H1 to H6 has a great correlation with the ranking and content consumption on your website.

  • Meta Descriptions

The meta tag is a preview description of your webpage. Search engines find it useful to determine whether to stay or leave a webpage.

Off-page optimization techniques are external SEO practices intended to increase rank position in SERP as well as drive traffic to your website. In order to get effective SEO results, you need to invest in off-page optimization from a reliable SEO marketing agency.

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