Does user comments can break or make your SEO efforts?

Being a business owner, you want more sales and online recognition. As a result, your natural inclination is to have a website that attracts more leads and quality conversions through search engine optimization. With the help of an adept SEO specialist, you can conduct off-page and on-page SEO tactics for your business. 

Recent research and revelation of Google sources revealed that public comments by your prospects or clients on your web pages can really impact SERP ranking in myriad ways. SEO specialists you appoint might be doing pretty good and might be surprised how user comments boost their efforts. 

Why let others write about you

Many businessmen realised the potential of social proof while online is letting users leave an opinion or comment about their blog, content or product. In this way, you can get a clear understanding of how your prospects value your service. If the opinion is left by a user is positive, it is social proof that plays an important role in how your brand will be perceived. 

But the important thing to note is that having a moderator to control the comments on your webpage is a must-have. If you have no moderator to control the comments on the website, it will break your reputation in many ways. First, spammers will use this as an effective place to pervade their nonsense. Secondly, certain comments can actually defame your reputation as a business. As a result, there might be chances you to miss potential clients. This is why many SEO specialists are against it. Thirdly, if you are not taking responsibility for comments as a business owner, it will pave the way to mixed. cold responses lead to ambiguity. Anyways, that is not what you want for business growth, right?

How user comments benefit your business

SEO specialists research keywords and use analytics to get a higher SEO ranking. Similarly, having positive user comments can accentuate your search engine optimization efforts. 


  • Context provides value in SEO 


User comments on a product or perhaps about a recent blog post can add value to SEO. Too many positive comments in a particular context can help search engines determine what to rank or not. 


  • Comments can contribute to the overall ranking


When you use a moderator for handling the comment section, it can contribute to better ranking. You can remove unwanted comments. Likewise, your rank can drop instantly, if you remove any good comments from the comment section. 

There is no fail-proof evidence that having user-generated content on your website can directly impact your SERP ranking. But it turns out that if included properly, it will have a positive impact on SERP ranking. So, opening a comment section is a win-win act.  

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