Avoiding these mistakes will contribute to a killer website

Website is inevitable for any business. It is especially true for e-commerce ventures. Small, medium-sized and large companies all have stunning websites to attract their consumers. With the help of the best SEO agency, you too can have the best website for your business. In this digital world, all customers are after online shopping. To thrive in this technological era, you need to hire the best SEO agency

The common mistakes usually found in Search Engine Optimization are mentioned below:

  • Choosing wrong keywords

The best SEO agency understands the importance of keyword research in SEO practices. If you could incorporate the right keywords into your website and social media, Google will reward your efforts with a high SERP ranking. In most cases, long-tail keywords and search engine’s preferences in keyword selection are excluded. 

  • Keyword stuffing

People may be very good at tweaking out keywords. But, too much keyword density never helps your website rank on the top. It is known as keyword stuffing for the sake of ranking. Moreover, all your SEO efforts will be in vain just because of keyword stuffing. Google’s algorithm is good at spotting such malpractice and penalize your business.

  • Duplicate and irrelevant content

Like keyword stuffing, duplicate and irrelevant content is bad for your SEO efforts. The content you publish must have relevant keywords to the topic and only then Google can rank your webpage. With the best SEO agency, you can filter out suitable keywords and use them in your content. 

  • Excluding title tags and meta descriptions

Meta tags are very important in SEO. Search engines like Google use it for determining the content in a webpage and according to that result, it ranks your web page as an answer to a query. 

  • Poor Loading time

Your customers are busy and impatient when they are searching for something. If your website takes a longer time to load, you will likely lose those visitors to your website. So, website loading speed must be optimized. 

  • Considering Link building optional

Backlinks are essential for guiding visitors to your website. Link building service is not optional in SEO practices and can be fetched from the best SEO agency. 

Search engines provide great value to backlinks from credible sources. The value of link building is very important as any other SEO practice.

  • No Image Tags

Images tell more than words. It is an old maxim but when it comes to the online presence of a business t is 100% true. Image tags are searchable tags and you can add images to web pages and rename them as you like. The alt tag in an image provides everything about the image.

  • Not optimizing for mobile

People use smartphones for everything they want. Smartphone-optimized websites are indispensable for business success. Mobile optimization also affects your SERP ranking. 

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