5 Best SEO Tools

5 Best SEO Tools Recommended by SEO Experts in 2022

Best SEO Tools WooRank5 Best SEO Tools Recommended by SEO Experts in 2022

If you want to establish, optimize, and rank your website then you must have access to the right resources and tools. For sure, highly-functional SEO tools are the best-ever companions of every SEO expert.


Therefore, we are here to know about the top 5 tools that every SEO expert recommends to use in 2022.


After researching it thoroughly, we have found out that if you just use these five SEO tools then you can accelerate your marketing and optimization efforts without any hassle.

Top 5 Tools That Every SEO Expert Recommends to Use

Let’s find out which tools we are talking about and how you can leverage them.

1.   WooRank

Woorank is an all-in-one digital marketing solution as it monitors and audits the on-page, off-page, and technical SEO of any website at a time.


Using Woorank is like looking at your site through the search engine’s eyes. It thoroughly analyzes and inspects any given website to highlight all the SEO errors.

Moreover, it provides pertinent suggestions about how to fix these issues with ease.

You should audit your site with Woorank as the first step in your SEO strategy since it lays out a roadmap for you to follow.


It gives you access to three different points of views to evaluate and boost your site’s SEO performance: Optimize, Promote, and Measure.


For instance, if you go to the optimize section, you’ll gain in-depth insights into your site’s title tag, meta description, headings, keywords, alt attributes, and in-page links.


On the other side, if you head to the promotion section, then you’ll be able to check your social and local presence along with the backlink profile.


Lastly, the measure section will provide you with details about your site’s visitors including traffic estimation, rank, and localization.

2.   Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the ultimate digital platform featuring all the highly-functional SEO tools that can help you monitor, boost, and track your site performance.

Its major tools that you can leverage include site explorer, keyword finder, site audit, rank tracker, and content explorer.

Best SEO Tools Ahref

For instance, if you want to gain actionable insights about your competitors then you can use its site explorer tool that effectively highlights the backlinks and keyword rankings of any given website.


There’s surely a lot more that you can do with Ahrefs tools to level up your site’s progress and rank higher on SERPs.


Let us give you some more examples. You can use its site audit tool to scan your website for potential SEO errors and get accurate suggestions about how to resolve all the issues in real-time.


Following the site inspection, you can make use of its keyword explorer to look for ideal keywords to target in your content.


Thanks to Ahrefs, once you know where your site stands in comparison to your competitors, you can easily plan effective strategies to optimize your site and boost your performance.

3.   Prepostseo

Prepostseo features the broadest range of SEO tools that can assist you in building, optimizing, and ranking your website on search engine result pages.

There are over 250 tools available to your benefit. Anyhow, its most useful and widely-used includes Domain Age Checker, Domain Authority Checker, Page Authority Checker, Plagiarism Checker, Paraphrasing Tool, Article Rewriter, Backlink Maker, Google Indexer, and Text Summarizer.

Best SEO Tools Prepostseo

The best thing about Prepostseo is that its tools focus on all aspects of search engine guidelines and algorithms. For instance, search engines require you to create quality content, right?


There’s a wide range of AI-based content tools that you can leverage to create, optimize, and analyze your web content with ease.


All of Prepostseo tools are highly functional that deliver an enhanced user experience, enabling us to accelerate any site’s search engine rankings.


Webmasters from all around the globe can access and use these effective tools for free of cost. In case you would like to leverage more advanced features, then it allows you to buy any of its three extremely cost-effective premium plans.


For the record, Prepostseo tools are available in the form of Mobile apps, chrome extension and WordPress plugin as well.

4.   Grammarly

Quality content is the basic requirement of the search engine. So, Grammarly should always be on the top of the list of must-have SEO tools because it assists in writing quality content.

It features a built-in grammar checker and plagiarism checker to analyze and optimize any type of content.


Whether you use its web-based editor or enable its extension, it will highlight the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes while you are writing.


Moreover, it not only points out the mistakes but provides suggestions to fix them as well. Most importantly, it will take only a single click to detect copied sentences in your content.


Ultimately, Grammarly makes it easier to overcome common writing issues and improve content quality just as the search engine requires.

Best SEO Tools Grammarly

You can either use Grammarly basic for free or buy any of its premium plans. Whether you switch to Grammarly premium or business, it will be worth your money.

5.   Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most important asset that every SEO expert must have. Its web-based real-time content analysis tool (that’s also available as WordPress plugin) is used to analyze and optimize the web content in accordance with webmaster guidelines.

All you need to do is “enter your content or directly type in the editor” and “specify your focus keyword”. Afterward just as you write, it will perform quick readability and SEO analysis of your content.


For instance, it will highlight whether you have included the keyword in the introduction, headings, slug, meta description, title, and image, or not.

Best SEO Tools Yoast SEO

In case there’s an excess of longer sentences or passive voice sentences that can lower your content’s readability score then it will highlight them right away.


Likewise, it will give you pertinent suggestions about including transition markers so that it can become more logical, consistent, and clear.


In simple words, Yoast SEO’s real-time content analysis tool can check your sentence structure, heading structure, and URL structure, enabling you to create SEO-friendly content with ease.


Anyone can access and use this effective SEO tool for free of cost.

Bottom Line

We would like to conclude this article on a note that “if you just leverage WooRank, Ahrefs, Prepostseo, Grammarly, and Yoast SEO then you can easily boost your site’s SERPs rankings”.

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